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Back when Facebook first launched its platform in 2004, nobody realized it would become anything more than sharing photos of themselves while also checking out their relatives who lived half-way across the world. Since then, we have witnessed the birth of many other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. To say the least, social media has completely reinvented the way we communicate amongst each other, as well as how we consume media.

The increase in time spent on social media has greatly impacted the way in which businesses choose to advertise their products and services. Television advertisement used to cost a fortune and the amount of time you had to get your message across was limited. Today, millenials and the generations which follow are spending much less time watching the tube and spending more time scrolling through their social media news feeds. Marketers realize this shift in media consumption which means more and more businesses are moving their marketing efforts towards these platforms.


What makes a strong Social Media Marketing campaign?

Strong Brand Identity

Social media is all about outputting messages through content – whether it’s in text, picture or video format. Social media shapes the way your brand is perceived by the world. It goes without saying that your image could make or break your entire business. When you’re posting on Instagram, make sure the quality of your photos are top-notch. When you’re browsing through Twitter, make sure to answer any questions relevant to your industry. In other words, give quality and you shall receive from your audience.


Be Consistent

Dealing with social media when it comes to your personal life is entirely different than managing your business pages. You might not want to post a selfie every single day because you wouldn’t want anyone to think of you as some kind of narcissist (we don’t blame you!) When it comes to your business account however, you must post quality content on a regular basis. This allows you to always be at the back of your audiences’ mind, while also enticing newcomers to join your circle.

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