Buddhas Blend

Buddhas Blend is an all natural anxiety supplement brand. The supplement “Ashwabasil” contains 2 herbs that come from india that are known for their calming effect. These adaptogenic herbs help reverse the symptoms of anxiety, they are ashwagandha and holy basil.

What Did We Do?

Buddhas Blend was created by me, Ari. I created this supplement first in order to find a treatment for my own mental health issues, which in turn became something which I could share with the world. We put a strong emphasis on branding for this project, if you visit the website you will see a consistent fluidity in colour schemes. For now Buddhas Blend Ashwabasil is only sold online which means we had to integrate e-commerce functionalities in the website. SEO and Email Marketing are the next priorities for this start-up.

For more information on this product, visit buddhasblend.com

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