Rocket Web Agency Will Advertise Your Business With Our Cost-Price Trial For 14 Days

Are You A Long Time Business Owner Who Wants To Bring Your Business To The Next Level? Or Maybe You’re Just Starting Out…

Whichever the case may be, Rocket Web Agency wants to help you get there. We’re offering a cost-price trial on both Facebook’s and Google’s advertising platforms.

The way in which people are consuming media is changing extremely rapidly. Business owners are beginning to realize this shift away from traditional marketing such as radio, television and billboard ads to more modern and effective advertising spaces such as Facebook and Google.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Platforms Such As Facebook And Google to Advertise My Business?

Think about traditional marketing and advertising and how it works. Businesses, large and small would reach out to radio and television networks to occupy a tiny bit of air-time to an audience who might not even be interested in their product or service…

This is what is referred to as the cold-calling approach.

It’s outdated, and it doesn’t work.


Welcome to the digital age, welcome to inbound marketing.

Think about the Google Search Engine. Why do you use it? Because you’re looking for something in particular. 

With Google Adwords, consumers are looking for you, as opposed to you looking for them. The only thing you have to do is make sure you are the first search result that comes up, along with a modern, presentable webpage with the offer you would like to present to your prospective clients. In other words, your target buyer is shopping, and you want to be the first door he/she knocks on.  

And then there’s Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform with 2 BILLION active monthly users. Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to target an audience based on demographics, interests, job titles, net worth and so much more. Build a solid buyer’s persona and the possibilities with Facebook Ads are literally endless.

 So What Does A Cost-Price Trial Mean Exactly?

It’s pretty simple. You tell us what your advertising budget is for those 14 days and that’s all you pay, we won’t take a commission on top of your budget during this time period. If you’re satisfied with our services after the first 14 days, we will then start charging a 15% commission off your monthly advertising budget. Don’t like the results you’re seeing? No problem. You are not obliged to continue with the service after the 14-day cost price trial.

Let’s Use An Example.

You’re a restaurant owner and you want to attract more customers to your store. You tell us that you’re willing to spend $300 for this 14 day trial period (this comes out to approximately $20 a day). Rocket Web Agency will then take that budget and spend it in the most optimal way possible, ensuring your advertising dollars go a long way.

If you’re satisfied with the results you’re receiving, we’ll set up a monthly budget. So let’s stick with the $20 a day example. This means you’ll have a monthly advertising budget of $600. Rocket Web Agency takes a 20% commission from that budget, which totals to $120/month.

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